Tuesday, May 25

Geek Syndrome ?

I was reading kuro5hin and spotted an item about Geek Syndrome; I thought it was a joke, but decided to Google for Asperger Syndrome (first described by Hans Asperger in 1944). I like the NIH's site, describing symptoms, treatments, and so forth: Asperger's syndrome, Medical Encyclopedia, National Institutes of Health. It makes me wonder how many people I've known (in the high tech biz) who are "infected".

Monday, I went to the West Village to see Super Size Me (2004). It's about obesity in America, but is not in wide release. There's a scene in the movie where Morgan Spurlock literally faces the amount of sugar he ingested during a month of 3-McMeals a day. It's a pity that this isn't required viewing in every school in America. The last time I encountered something so in-your-face was when I read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle (1905), which made me "go veggie" for several years. Gotta wonder if the PETA Nazis have any plans to buy out entire cinemas and give away the tickets (taking a cue from Mel Gibson).

Recent DVDs I've seen: Gentleman's Agreement (1947) (about anti-Semitism); American Splendor (2003) (about EveryMan Harvey Pekar) ... and then there is something to really help my insomnia: a Blog Reader Survey (long). In the "other stuff to see around Dallas" column, there are the Studios at Las Colinas; and the Texas Factory Tours. Woo hoo. If either of these tours proves to be too exciting, I can stop at a nearby doc-in-the-box: CareNow and PrimaCare.

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