Wednesday, May 26

Hi, my name is Ty Ming, and I'll be your server

On Monday night, PJ came by to watch us bowl (sweeper week == Just4fun). Problem is, her timing was a bit off: she arrived just in time to watch me pick up a spare, after the 10th frame. That's right: 36 weeks and she saw me hurl exactly one ball: the last one in a season that's as long as a human pregnancy. One ball, out of (way?) over 2100 balls. Oh well ... Then, it was off to TGI Friday's veranda for liquid refreshment and tasty orange peel shrimp. Ah, bliss.

PJ's mostly packed and ready to move to Phoenix, and I wish her well. The new home environment won't be a cup of tea, that's fer sher. Not to mention that timing (Ty Ming?) thing again: the heat of Phoenix in the summer has to be felt to be believed. It's one of the few places in the US where hospital emergency rooms are trained to remove drivers hands which have seared into the steering wheel. Then again, here in the Dallas summer, we scurry from air-conditioned homes to air-conditioned SUVs to air-conditioned restaurants. Cowboy Stadium may have a hole in the roof, but it has a good supply of air-conditioned luxury boxes (I've been to one .. it is THE way to watch football). Pazme `nother wun of dem jiggin weengs, Bubba ...

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