Friday, May 6

5.5.5:5:55 remembered

Yesterday was different things to different people:
  1. Cinco de Mayo (a Mexican holiday, celebrating a battle victory over the French) -- it's a good thing the Mexicans won, since it would be Really Weird talking to my pool boy in French;
  2. Holocaust Remembrance Day (aka Yom Hashoah);
  3. 5/5/5 (even more special at 5:55am);
  4. the publication of another spell-binding edition of Sundry on Thursday
I heard that a group in Waco predicted the end of the world -- due to the date -- but I guess that didn't happen since I'm still blogging on 5.6.5 -- or is it 6.5.5? -- (today). Maybe that's because Pisces was in Scorpio and the Reign in Spain Fell Mainly On the Plane (don't ask).

In the "drivers need something else to take their mind off driving" column, there's the story about Californicans who are installing DVD players in the front seat. Read The new DUI: driving under influence of watching video to see why putting on makeup, talking on the cellphone, or shaving your dog's butt -- all while travelling the freeway at 82 milesanower is Sooo Last Century.

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