Sunday, May 15

(slurp) - what was that?

I finished with the police about 1430 yesterday (then converted mentally to civilian time) and moseyed over to Judy-Bob's so we could return downtown for the 2005 State Farm Asian Festival (in the Arts District). We arrived around 1600 and the show was closing at 5pm (or was it 6? - the press release said one thing, while the website said another .. maybe it was Lost In Translation).

Most of the time, when I think "Asian" I'm thinking Chinese, Korean or Japanese, but there were people there from India, Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere .. so I guess I need to broaden my scope. Last year, I think it was a 2-day event so things seemed busier this year, with not as much time to mosey.

I didn't see anyone walking their dog, but one of the attendees brought his pet iguana, Larry (okay, so I forgot the critter's real name).

The highlight (?) of the culinary experience was a 238 mL (8.05 ounce) can of a Korean drink called Co co Palm from Haitai. It reminded me of a cross between Kern's Nectar (fruit drink) and boba (pearl tea) since it had some "surprises" in the can: miniature versions of those tapioca balls you find in the "fat straw drink" common to nouveau Asian restaurants. Oddly, I haven't seen this in the local Asian groceries, but maybe it's available at the Korean-only groceries. Hmmm.
Deep Thought #67: who thought a 238 milliliter size (equating to 8.05 ounces) of anything was standard? I can understand 225 mL or 250 mL, or even 8 ounces, but 238 mL - huh?
When we were done with the Asians, a quick stop by the Dallas Farmers Market netted some wonderfully fresh strawberries, cantaloupes, oranges and red pears. The farmers are smart, offering freshly-sliced samples of most everything they sell. Lip smackin', indeed.

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