Sunday, May 1

of Closets, Postmen, Hispanics and Apple Pie

A few days ago, I began the once-a-decade chore of cleaning Fibber McGee's Closet. Well, that's what PJ called it. It's the closet where my electronic toys (circuit boards, cables, boxes) live after landing in Casa du Gene Bob. It was hence with Projectile Giddiness that I wandered across this article: Old Home PCs: Piling Up in the Closet.

Judy-Bob and I watched Il Postino (1994) ("The Postman") a couple nights ago. It's about the Bolivian Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda and the guy who delivered his mail while in Italy. It's not nearly as bad as that sounds. I'd give it an A, except that it's hard to dance to and didn't have a good beat (apologies to Dick Clark).

What does that have to do with the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce? Not a thing.

In theory, Whole Foods carries these: Lärabar Apple Pie Bar. Hmm .. gotta check it out. Whole Foods has the biggest selection of protein bars in the MetroPlex™ so odds are high that I won't be disappointed.

PJ's en route Phoenix tonight, after stopping by for a couple days after a family emergency in Houston. Miles got to visit with Beta the Wonder Dog, who is still sniffing the house for her missing friend.

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