Sunday, May 15

final performance

I went to Brookhaven College to see The Laramie Project this afternoon. The play is about the horrific events of October 1998 that held many of us (Rush Limbaugh and his ilk excluded) in shock. This was the last day of the play (school officially ended on Thursday) and the acting was refreshingly credible, moving some of the 60-or-so audience members to tears.

JB and I planned to go from there to a group picnic at White Rock Lake, but we missed The Window Of Opportunity (the play lasted 3 hours, including two intermissions) so instead we just went home and fed on salmon & white corn (yum) and watched The Family Guy (the finest cartoon on television).

The only bad part of the day was returning to my car (after salmon shopping) to find that a bird badly in need of an antidiarrheal had been in the tree above my car while we were shopping. At first, it appeared that Ann Coulter had camped out in the tree (yes, the splatter was that big and disgusting). Fortunately, there was a nearby garden hose ...

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