Wednesday, May 11

another step toward a Police State

It's not surprising that the new National ID Card passed without a huge amount of notice. The so-called Real ID Card is unrelated to RealPlayer®. Technically, Real ID was an amendment to the $82 Billion dollar President Quagmire's Oil War Spending Bill - HR 1268. We can all thank Senator Johnny Isakson for this piece of (Georgia) ham-handed legislation, that'll make Identity Theft even easier than it is now. If you're interested, check out the Real ID FAQ.

This is not related to the new Texas law that'll require four forms of identification to get a driver's license. Everybody Knows™ that terrorists will Cower In Fear if they can't have a driver's license while they're in this country.

I'm guessing it was Too Little, Too Late but a website called came online to try and fight this.
Deep Thought #66: While President Quagmire was riding his Huffy in the Maryland woods (while Washington was being attacked by a student pilot in a Cessna, earlier this week) was Laura calculating Net Present Value equations with Jenna and NotJenna? And when He finished His bike ride, did President Quagmire sit down to read a passage from his favorite book "My Pet Goat"?

Everybody Knows is a trademark of Fox "News"; Rush Limbaugh Productions; and the Christian Fascist Republican Party.


William Bob said...

At a recent forum the State Dept dude responsible for implementing the RFID technology in passports stated the fact that the data on the RFID chip could only be read from 10cm or closer.

The very next speaker, another dude whose name I don't recall, but who was representing the ACLU, demonstrated how to read an RFID chip in a passport from 3 feet away.

The next week, at yet another forum whose name is not important, the State Department dude (whose name I still don't recall) mentioned that they were reconsidering security issues with the RFID chip in passports.

The amazing thing, to me, is that this state department dude was able to see and understand what happened right in front of his nose! I consider this a significant breakthrough.

William Bob said...

I actually do hate all those missing facts. Here's the article that gives the names.