Saturday, May 21

The Wrong Amendments

It won't be much longer until we find if the WeatherPeople were (w)right .. it's possible that we'll tie a heat record for This Date In History (96F).
7:30pm update: well, I think we officially tied for the hottest May 21st on record, but that's only because the official temperature is at DFW International Airport, which is odd because I don't know anyone who lives at the airport (queue cymbals). It was a few degrees cooler at DFW than the (much nearer) Addison Airport, which clocked in at 100F Friday.
Speaking of (w)right, I wandered across the websites competing for our Hearts And Minds regarding the Wright Amendment, which reigns in Southwest Airlines at Dallas Love Field. The competing sites are Keep DFW strong (pro) and Set Love Free (con).

Speaking of corrupt (?) I wandered across Clean Up Texas which is an exercise in futility. Cleaning up Texas Politics is neither possible nor feasible (how else do you explain Karl Rove, Governor PrettyHair, and President Quagmire?).

The Texas Legislature's winding down its session (end of May) and it'll be awhile before we know what damage these uneducated sociopaths have wreaked upon us. A common tactic is to take your special-interest bill and attach it to a piece of (ha!) related legislation. The fact that it adversely affects the other 99% of Texas doesn't mean an armadillo's eyebrow to these (un)professional lawmakers. The legislators are then forced to vote for the initial law, lest their rider be killed by association.

No surprise: it appears that the so-called "sunshine law" which would make their votes part of the Public Record, is likely to die in committee. And the cycle repeats.


TrshTwns01 said...

This is what you did instead of coming to my crawfish boil? :)

Need to get that memory check out, GB. It's just not like you. :P

TrshTwns01 said...

Errr, CHECKED out.