Sunday, May 29

back to the kitchen, woman!

Well, the world's a safer place after that upstart wummin (Danica Patrick) didn't win the Indy 500 today. Word is that, once she had the lead, she slowed down to touch up her makeup, which allowed a man to win the race, as Nature Intended.

Now she can go back home and clean the house, pig out on Cheese Whiz™, and get her husband a beer while he watches the World Wrasslin' Federation on the TV. This assumes that she ain't a flamin' lesbian, which is entirely possible, given that smirk on Ann Coulter's face.

Also worth a laugh: Scott Berkun's article "Why smart people defend bad ideas" (which still doesn't explain why a mental giant like President Quagmire got hisself reelectricated).

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