Wednesday, May 4

hysteria averted

It's easy to depend on Fry's or MicroCenter, but you can't always get what you want (apologies to the Rolling Stones). Hence, I found myself en route Altex Computers & Electronics for a 2-line DSL filter. The vast majority of DSL filters are single-line, which Baffles My Bananas; how much extra would it cost to connect those extra 2 wires - a nanopenny?

I thought I had enough of these, but then decided to equip one RJ11 jack with a CallerID box without an associated phone. Why? I work at that desk sometimes, and would like to know if I need to jump up and run (screaming?) for the nearest phone (whether it be cordless or corded) when Pavlov's Bell goes off.

Speaking of bells, I see that this Saturday is the first one in May, meaning that it's time for the Kentucky Derby. When I lived in Louisville, I never attended The Derby, but was always glued to the telly by post time, as was required by Kentucky State Law. This year, they appear to have a kennel-ful of horses, which means that one of them will probably end up tripping another, and there will be a disaster. When Gene Bob becomes King, the Derby field should be limited to 12 horses.

Now, it's time to get my white (post-Easter) shoes out of the closet, along with my best Sunday hat, and prepare for The Running Of The Roses. Yeee haaa!!

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