Thursday, May 19

the waiting game

People who've been around me for awhile know that, although I'm a hypochondriac, I seldom go to the doctor unless body parts start falling off. This tactic has positive and negative ramifications.

The good side is that most things tend to heal themselves. If I get a cold, it lasts 3 days if I see the vet [sic] or 3 days if I don't.

Toward the end of April, I got a stiff neck: small deal. A day or two later, and it was gone. Well, actually .. migrated. It became a sore shoulder. Now, it's 3 weeks later and the soreness is still there. Depending on how I sleep on it at night, it keeps me up, to the point that my insomnia (which has disappeared for several months) has returned. Last night, I stayed up until about 4:30am, then slept until 9am or so (which used to mark the "day is now half over").

Eventually, I'll either become accustomed to it, or it'll go away. Either way, I can hardly wait.

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