Thursday, May 26

get on your marks, get set, queue summer

Ah, what to do on this first official weekend of summer? I see that the Cavanaugh Flight Museum is holding their annual "Warbirds over Addison!" event, which means there will be lots of strange-sounding aircraft overhead through 5pm Monday. I could also mosey over to ARTFEST 2005 at Addison Circle park, but much depends on the weather, which may actually be nice (82ish highs, 68ish lows, with a 40% chance of rain each day to cool things off). Then again, I could crawl into the bagged ice freezer at Tom Thumb, until someone complains and I'm throwed out of the store.

Unrelated #0: I stumbled across a reference to "Hizb'Allah" (Party of God) and knew it sounded familiar. Turns out it's the same as Hezbollah (the Lebanese terrorist organization). I wonder whether the English spelling of the name was intended to omit the "Allah" part, or if it's an artifact of the way it was translated. Hmmm.

Unrelated #1: So, the US Senate finally approved Justice Priscilla Owen, in a compromise by some "centrist Republicans and Democrats" (who have now been - probably - excommunicated from their respective parties for acquiescing ("givvin up", in TexasSpeak)). One web site describes her as "(a)n Extremist Jurist – Even by Texas Standards” which made me guffaw. Let's see how long before she finds a way to make decisions acceptable to her boss (Karl Rove).

Unrelated #3.14159: Calm down; the Sundry on Thursday blog is updated, for the 51st week in a row.

10:26pm update: I went to see Crash (2004) this afternoon, due to the wonders of the Bargain Matinee (or BarMat, as it says on the ticket stub). There were only 20 or so people in a theatre that holds 500, so good seats were still available. I give the movie an A, although you must be able to track about 7 story lines simultaneously. aside: I would've gone with Judy-Bob, but she's been told (in no uncertain terms) by Joe that she has to wait and see it with him. There's something to be said for longevity, so .. far be it for me to balk.

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