Monday, May 9

does your Buddy have a Buzz on?

.. and here's yet another story about the great fun you can have while driving the freeways of the MetroPlex:
Text streaming service lets users read material as fast as they can (it's all about BuddyBuzz technology).
Eventually, vehicles will be automated to the point that trained drivers will no longer be needed, except as Backup Devices (presumably for off-road travel to such remote destinations as Plano, Texas). Until then, I'd prefer that the BuddyBuzz be able to detect if the user is driving a vehicle and, if so, cease operating immediately.


William Bob said...

Here! Here! NO! There! There! <CRASH>!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if people would focus really hard (not stare) at driving?

Slightly off topic, but has anyone studied the distraction quotient of trying to figure out vanity plates?

Gene said...

Nearly every episode of Comedy Central's Reno 911 begins with the officers in hot pursuit, trying to decipher a personalized (a/k/a "vanity") plate. Such deciphering ALWAYS ends with a crash, and the airbags deployed.

Anonymous said...

IS there a connection between Rush Limbaugh and vanity plates? Comedy Central? Who knows.

TrshTwns01 said...

Hey - TOTALLY off topic. Ok, maybe driving to 'remote' places.

Taste of Addison this Saturday?