Tuesday, May 3

Road Rage

I wonder how long it would take one of Limbaugh's Mindless Goons to plug my car full of bulletholes, if I adorned it with this?


Anonymous said...

Speculation is not a sound scientific method. You need to put the sticker on your car and note the exact time using your new-cue-ler timepiece. Then sit back and wait.

Then again, a sample size of one isn't sadistically valid, so you need to get other (sym)pathetic souls to do the same.

Looking forward to your report.

Sincerely, Anonymous Coward

PS. Where do you live? I'd like to, uh, watch the experiment first hand. Yeah, that's it. I want to watch the bullets as they hit your car. ;-)

Gene said...

Interesting suggestion, AC. It doesn't sound as if you're volunteering for the experiment.

Is it permissible to affix said stickers to my neighbors' vehicles? If they were known to have had the "W`04" signs in the front yards last fall, does that make them ineligible for the control set? This whole statistical thing is something they never taught us at Yale.

As Dubya Himself is known to have opined: "it's haaard."

William Bob said...

Don't you live in Dallas (county)? Where they elected a lesbian as Sheriff? Somehow I don't think that putting that sticker on your car is that risky in your neighborhood.

Even in my neighborhood, in Wonder Bread™, TX (a.k.a. Plano), there was a (as in one) house in my 'hood with a Kerry sign last fall. I passed it several times per week and the sign was never missing or defaced (and the property wasn't vandalized, either).

Then again, while Plano may as close to pure red as you can get (0xff0000), its residents are generally well educated, so maybe that accounts for our occassional tolerance.

William Bob said...

Re: putting stickers on cars of neighbors who displayed "W`04" signs last fall.

That would be an interesting subset case. Make sure you track how many times it was the owner who shot his own vehicle in a knee-jerk reaction to the sticker.