Sunday, June 25

Battle of the Greasy Grass

Today is the 130th anniversary of a great victory by the Lakota, albeit short-lived. Some may remember this as the anniversary of George Armstrong Custer's death at the Little Big Horn. History says (best as I can fathom) that the Fundamentalist Republicans soon returned and killed any remaining Indians who refused to convert to Buddhism.
Deep Thought: If there indeed were no survivors, how do they know the battle lasted only 20 minutes - were the Lakota wearing pocket watches?
I asked William-Bob the best way to commemorate the occasion, and he suggested scalping a paleface (among less "enthusiastic" suggestions). Instead, I moseyed down to Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park and stood inside a tepee. Pretty outrageous, huh?

I've never been to Old City Park (in the Cedars Neighborhood Association turf) before, and was somewhat surprised to find how close it is to Dallas City Hall; it's obvious that I-30 (opened about 1965) has condemned this area to the Wrong Side of the Tracks phenomenon. They've been holding an annual Art Event late in the year; I've put Cedars Open Studios in my calendar (probably November 18th this year - it's the Saturday before Thanksgiving).

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