Sunday, June 11

where the west begins

Yesterday, I went to Cedar Hill (Texas) to look around. Who knew there would be so many cedar trees there?

Today, I had breakfast with HayJax and Christine; we were the first ones in the restaurant for the first 30 minutes. I wonder why so many people sleep in on Sunday?

I've been working on a Mexican-English translation table for a few weeks. Today I added Goofajew ("Good for you!"). Two of my other favorites are Hobbanidae ("Have a nice day") and Fybo-Yay ($5.08). Eventually I'll write a book. Assuming one hasn't been done already.

Tonight, the area streets will be deserted after 7:45pm due to something called "The Mavs Game 2". Last night (to demonstrate our Texas Hospitality) 11 people were shot while waiting to get their (valet) cars. Two guys from Missouri (basketball fans in town for The Big Games?) apparently took exception to a husband not wanting them to flirt with his wife. Maybe she wasn't "marked" appropriately? I like the Hindu way of putting a big dot (bindi) in the middle of a woman's forehead: red for married and black for single .. much less confusion. Anyway, the local headline read: "Gunfire wounds 11 near downtown bar". Well, at least they were neighborly enough to allow witnesses to get their license plate number.

It'll be interesting to see if the TV People interview whoever's sitting in Section 121 Row E seats 4-5-6-7. Some entrepreneur sold and resold the same seats (counterfeit tickets) at least three times, before getting busted by Dallas Police. Oops. (See "Counterfeiters cash in on Mavs mania")


William Bob said...

My first thought on the oversold Mav's tix was to wonder if they even existed. A quick search showed that they do, but the price is not published (I wonder why?).

Gene said...

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.