Thursday, June 22

Dallas: we're #4 !!

Six cities in Texas are the Sweatiest, although Arizona claimed spots 1 and 3.

The Top 10:
 1 Phoenix, AZ
2 Las Vegas, NV
3 Tucson, AZ
4 Dallas, TX
5 Corpus Christi, TX
6 San Antonio, TX
7 Austin, TX
8 Shreveport, LA
9 Houston, TX
10 Waco, TX
source: Old Spice's Fifth Annual Top 100 Sweatiest Cities List, a ranking of the nation's heaviest sweaters during the summer months.

"The list is based on the average amount of sweat a person of average height and weight would produce walking around for an hour in the average high temperatures during June, July and August of 2005 for each city."

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