Monday, June 19

Insurgency? What insurgency?

I had to run an errand today: drop off some stuff at the Bulk Mail Facility. Each time I've been there, I noticed the TV in the waiting area
(you didn't think people in queue at the post office have to wait?)
is tuned to Fox "News". It's been that way for the past 2 years. You'd think that once in awhile it would be on one of the networks, which (I think) air soap operas and their ilk all afternoon. Or maybe the Discovery Times channel, or Animal Planet. Or heck, even CNN Headline News. But nope .. it's always tuned to Fox "News" (network of the Radical Right Wing).

So, I listened about 90 seconds while VP Dick Cheney stupidly excused his assininity in proclaiming that the Iraq Insurgency was on its deathbed, over a year ago. (Hindsight being 20/20, and all that). I suspect I laughed out loud, then realized that a 19-year old Muslim-killing-wannabe (his T-shirt imprint, buzz haircut, and open-mouthed gaze were the giveaways) was also in line, and was Eating Up Cheney's Every Word, as if he were watching a divine creation speak.

I hold no illusion that, when these mental giants (obviously a product of the Texas education system - 49th in the country) vote in upcoming elections, the most anti-immigrant anti-gay anti-choice anti-flagburnin' (anti-anti?) candidates will continue to win.

Lesson learned: remind me not to return to the post office without my earplugs.

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