Sunday, June 18

SATIRE : South American Tire?

I moseyed down to the Inwood to see Thank You for Smoking. There were only 5 of us in the theatre for this Sunday screening, and the parking lot was still mostly empty when I left, 2 hours later.

Why such a light crowd? I have four theories:
  1. The movie's been out for quite awhile, and will probably be released on DVD Real Soon Now. The site where I normally go to buy movies - - simply says "Theatrical Release, Not Yet Available".
  2. It's Father's Day. Not that I have anything to celebrate there. My own father's been buried - about 900 miles from here - since 1976. Nor am I a father myself. Well, except to Beta the Wonder Dog, who still calls me "daddy" in her dreams.
  3. School's out for summer. Everyone's at the beach.
  4. There's a reason this is not showing at one of the major theatres: it's a satiric movie, which is lost on 98.3% of the population.
My rating: A-. In order to get an A, I would've had to laugh out loud more than once. There were lots of great lines, but with so few people in the room, I politely waited for them to be amused first.

Unrelated #0: it rained about 2/3 inch yesterday. This was the first measurable rain in 38 days. I wonder if it'll be another 38 days until the next one?

Unrelated #1: last night, Beta and I watched Napoleon Dynamite. It is, without question, the Finest Motion Picture of All Time.

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