Friday, June 9

what's Gene Bob watching?

Here's what's on my TiVo Season Pass™ (DirecTV) today:

stuff in italics airs infrequently - at least the first runs

1-10 The Amazing Race; The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; NBC5 News at 10pm; The Colbert Report; Star Trek: Enterprise; Scrubs; ABC World News Tonight; CBS News Sunday Morning; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Law & Order: Criminal Intent

11-20 Law & Order; 60 Minutes; POV; NOW; The Office (US); America's Most Wanted; Stand Up Nation with Greg Giraldo; Dallas SWAT; Cops; Saturday Night Live

21-30 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; All-American Festivals; South Park; Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; Taste of America with Mark Decarlo; Monk; Family Guy; King of the Hill; Rescue Me; The Simpsons

31-42 The Closer; Positively TEXAS!; Texas Country Reporter; My Name Is Earl; American Dad; Texas SWAT; Mind of Mencia; Alaska Magazine TV; Last Comic Standing; Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zacharia; Yearbook; Nightline

deletions since January: The Biggest Loser; Street Smarts; Airline; Late Show with David Letterman; MXC; Airline UK; Insights

0- I didn't routinely watch Star Trek:Enterprise when it first aired in 2001, so I'm catching up on selected episodes;
1- many of the shows are in summer reruns now, but will restart in the fall;
2- they're not necessarily in order, as new stuff gets added to the bottom of the list and it often takes me weeks to move it up in the heirarchy*;
* which is important when more than two shows are on at the same time. in that case, the top dog in the heirarchy wins
3- only a few of these are local to Dallas: NBC5 news and Positively TEXAS;
4- I've enabled "First Run Only" for most;
5- TiVo's FastForward button and I are very good friends. I seldom watch more than 12 minutes of The Tonight Show, for example;
6- My choice of local news is predicated on which has the most reliable schedule as far as TiVo is concerned. Some local news is repeated overnight and then conflicts with other shows being recorded In The Wee Hours. Channel 5 (an NBC affiliate) seems to be the most predictable, so they get my nod.

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