Wednesday, June 28

Canon score upgraded to A++

A few days ago, I blogged about my experience with Canon's customer support, where I gave them a tentative A+. Today, the nice FedEx man arrived with the boomerang in the form of a shiny new (okay, refurbished) Canon PowerShot SD450 camera, to replace the S230 that suddenly decided not to work anymore. Recall that I bought the S230 new in December 2002.

Here are the improvements from the old camera:

bigger LCD - 2.5" instead of 1.5"
more MPs - 5 instead of 3
optical zoom - 3x instead of 2x
macro focus - 3cm instead of 10cm
movies up to 640x480

The only downside to the upgrade is that I'm now saddled with two rechargeable batteries that I can't use - the new camera uses Secure Digital media and a smaller battery. And now I need to buy a new spare, for both it and the Pentax that arrived at the beginning of the month. After "doing the math" I realized this Canon SD450 is my 6th digital camera (my first was acquired in May 2000 - a 1.2 MP Sony Mavica FD-90). Heck, the Sony saved pictures to a 3.5" diskette - anyone remember those?

Given the differences between the FD-90 and the T10 (the most advanced in my current arsenal), it'll be very interesting to see the digital photography technology leaps in the next six years.

Unrelated: Night of the Living Doormen reminds me of my trip to Houston earlier this week.

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William Bob said...

My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica FD71. I'm not sure how it differs from your FD90, but it uses a floppy for image storage.

My to-do list includes copying all the old floppies and indexing them. Then I'll be able to tell you when I got the thing.