Tuesday, June 13

coming soon: Microsoft Chutzpah

English Microsoft
patch : update
bug   : (word does not exist in Microsoft)

Microsoft apparently likes the term "Security Tuesday" rather than "Patch Tuesday" since Everybody Knows™ that there are no BUGS IN MICROSOFT SOFTWARE.

Word is that this month's patches (usually issued after 5pm, on the 2nd Tuesday) will include 9 or more Critical ones. I think "Critical" translates to "install this, or every hacker in the country will personally target your machine for the flaw". Fun reading: Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification (their lessons in doublespeak have paid off handsomely).

I've also read about the way they're abusing Microsoft Genuine Advantage to spy on us daily (not just when we need a patch .. er .. update). A fun article about this is eWeek's Big Microsoft Brother which shows that this tiger hasn't changed it's stripes at all. Not only do they offer an anti-spyware product (now in Beta) but they cheerfully install their own spyware on millions of PCs. How's that for chutzpah?

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William Bob said...

There are no bugs, only opportunities to improve the software.