Friday, October 17

... and then there's Thishenge and Thathenge

I was nosing around /. (slashdot .. the best known nerd blog) and saw a mention of the Stonehenge Laser Scan. Their website was down, so I Google'd for information and wandered across Stonehenge's lesser-known cousin: Seahenge. Note to self: must learn how to SCUBA so as to visit this place.

Today's other new words: Smink and Scion (thanks to Tim for the latter).

I was on the patio tonight, when I heard the unmistakable sound of a high school marching band. At first, I assumed it was the hallucinogenic mushrooms, then I remembered that I'm less than 1.5 miles from Richardson's Eagle/Mustang stadium, which seats 12,000 (more than many small colleges). And no, this Big City School is not listed in Texas Agriculture magazine.

It's too bad that we can't send crop dusters after spammers; until then we'll have to read Getting Rid of Spam and Other E-mail Pests.

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