Sunday, October 12

Gene Bob creates yet another new word!

GoogL'ost looks more Klingon than GoogleLost. Either way, it's far more entertaining than "Stray find of the day" and less likely to prompt a call from the nice barristers @ Google.

So here's my GoogL'ost du Jour:

As if by accident (I was trying to find the new Google: Search by Location feature), I wandered across the Google Weblog, and was summarily transfixed for hours. Then, once I started using Search by Location (okay, so it's in beta test) I stumbled across Smoke Free World (while looking for bowling resources near my home). This is not how I found B.A.D. Bowling (BAD = Bowling for Architects and Designers -- it's a group of bowlers in NYC). For that, I looked for the phrase "Bowling for Dummies" !!

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