Sunday, October 26

so shoot me

I didn't bother getting a flu shot (yet) but I have seen the FluMist (nasal vaccine) commercials on TV. Not sure if I qualify .. the TV spot said something about not being recommended if you're on aspirin therapy (81 mg per day) but that may only apply to adolescents. This stuff costs about 3-4x that of an injection, so if I do get a flu shot, I'll save my money by letting them poke me with a needle: clinics are found via

Wurstfest is held in New Braunfels, Texas (about a 4 hour one-way drive from Dallas) so I won't be going. The Texas Hill Country (between San Antonio and Austin) is where many German immigrants reside, and they're also well known for Oktoberfest.

Ah, Freedom of Speech: MIS*LEADER is billed as "a daily chronicle of bush administration distortion" (it's a service of "Democracy in Action"). Quite possibly another website run by a 38-year old living above his mother's garage ...

Finally, some job hunters are having luck getting information on prospective companies by using The Thomas Register (billed as "the most comprehensive online resource for finding companies and products manufactured in North America").

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