Wednesday, October 29

southern California fires

One of my cousins living in San Diego suggested viewing San Diego Channel 10 (click [Slideshows: Viewers Send In Fire Photos])
Also (related): NASA Earth Observatory and National Fire Protection Association

Unrelated: I was trying to track down information on the Homeland Security's "Emergency Response Network" but was frustrated. Instead I found dozens of sites including the FBI Dallas Emergency Response Network; CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response Site; Anarchist Black Cross Network; CERT Coordination Center

Definitely gotta git me one of these books: Six Feet Under: Better Living Through Death and maybe one of these: America 24/7

Random spots: Advertising Age; Vietnam embracing open-source products

GoogL'ost: Larta, the think tank for technology businesses (wonder how they compare to The Rand Corporation (I interviewed with them, when I lived in Los Angeles)).

Am mulling installing plantation shutters across the front of my house, so my interest was piqued when an ad for The Louver Shop landed in the snailmail. I nosed around their site for awhile, then Google'd for [Similar Pages] which took me to Plantation Shutter which took me to The Old House Web which took me to Wood Identification Procedures which did not take me to Working For Change

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