Saturday, October 25

seasonal context switch

I really don't mind the Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) as long as I can use my ATM card (Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth, Tweaking Power Grids). As far as geomagnetic storms go, this one's listed as "strong" (a G-3 on the NOAA Space Weather Scale for Geomagnetic Storms).

Speaking of CMEs, I crawled into the attic this morning to light the furnace's pilot light (I got a blue flame - and not one of those red or yellow ones). The forecast is for the weather to change: yesterday it was 90F, and tonight it's supposed to be 45F (brr!). If I lived in southern California, I might be more concerned about the Santa Ana winds and the wildfires (the Goddard Space Flight Center website has an article about the fires).

Finally, I was ready to trash an empty bottle of Vitamin E when I noticed the USP (United States Phamacopeial Convention) designation, and then (moments later!) I noticed the USDA Organic seal on my Optimum Power Breakfast™ (from Nature's Path). How onomatopoetic! A quick study shows that stuff in the UK costs 50% more than here in The States: 'Rip-off' Britain investigated makes for good reading.

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