Friday, October 10

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

just to show that not all stupidity is confined to the Deep South: Illinois Parents Sue School Over Wireless Network (if only they had known about the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie). This would be a better world if people would take a few minutes to understand how stuff works, rather than running off at the mouth with a new conspiracy theory!

EPC (Electronic Product Code, aka Auto-ID) will replace the UPC (Uniform Product Code) barcode labels that adorn everything sold in retail. RFID is a subset of Auto-ID, er .. EPC.

RFID Privacy reports (on their blog) : "Texas Instruments has developed an RFID chip that can survive dry cleaning" (true); conspiracy theorists say this means that The Guverrmint [sic] will be tracking all of us, all the time.

Heck, The Government can't even get rid of the quaint $1 bill (paper) and move us to a $1 coin. The cash registers would then be free to put $2 bills where they store $1 bills now. Why is this so difficult? Ditto goes for the move to the metric system. We seem to be able to handle 2 Liter bottles of soda, but precious little else metric: go figure.

Message from GeneBob to The Government: Just Do It.

BTW, here's my reaction to RFID tags in clothing: conspiracy theorists don't bathe/clean their clothes now, so how will this change anything? They think that showering in chlorinated water renders them sterile!

The web is full of conspiracy theorists (thanks be to free speech), including the Stop RFID web site and CASPIAN - Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (who want to ban those wonderful loyalty cards). There is even a site with anti-RFID Bumper Stickers; I haven't seen a real one yet (and hopefully never will). This is not an endorsement of any of these conspiracy theorists (I find the bulk of them trivial and very foolish).

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