Thursday, October 16

The Checklist

One of the Things I Have Never Done is participate in one of those Walks For Charity.

So, when I spotted one this coming Sunday (on the web site - I get their weekly e-news), I decided to check it out. This one is called the Dallas Partnership Walk, and is sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation. Hmm .. not sure that's the one I'd choose. I have images of being photographed, and appearing on page 1 of the Dallas Morning News. The idea of Gene-Bob being exploited for political gain is too much!

While wandering around the web, I stumbled across the Dallas Peace Center, which publishes an online newsletter called the Dallas Peace Times. Then there's the World Affairs Council, which started in Dallas in 1951 (the anti-globalization protestors probably don't care for them).

Finally, I spotted the last 10 seconds of a local news broadcast talking about IdleAire so I looked for them on the web. They make a gadget for diesel trucks, to lower their emissions.

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