Saturday, October 18

There's a time and place for everything

When I lived in Los Angeles, Bob and I went to see [Do the Right Thing] at a predominately black theatre. This was very different than most theatres; the patrons constantly shouted at the onscreen actors, and I missed about 90% of the dialog. For about 1 nanosecond, I thought about yelling to the crowd "SHUT UP! I CAN'T HEAR WHAT THEY'RE SAYING!" then I realized that would be unacceptable behavior. I thought of that when I happened across the website for InSight Cinema (a chain of theatres for the deaf) and MoPix® (Motion Picture Access).

The DMN must be seeing some success with its Editorial Blog, because that has expanded to Larry Powell's Pet Blog (good stuff; I'll bookmark it for later). The DMN (Dallas Managed News) has a history of self-serving projects that get trashed when not enough people participate. I remember the Dallas Community megasite they started for local non-profit groups; they held local how-to seminars for website novices, and then .. one day, the site just vanished, taking hundreds (thousands?) of sites off the air). It was a site that depended on advertising revenue (banner ads, etc.), so the nonprofits could get a free website. I ran one of those sub-sites and was never notified that the plug was about to be pulled (maybe they lost my email address). Early versions of are visible via the Internet Archive, even though the site itself is now defunct (eventually they figured out how to use the robots.txt file to hide their content, so the latter editions are not visible).

With 20/20 hindsight, I suspected the DMN brought their site online in a preemptive way, to keep other website entrepreneurs (such as Neighborhoods.Net) from gaining a foothold in this new media (there are only so many advertising dollars available).

Anyway, Larry Powell's Pet Blog somehow led me to Animal Allies of Texas (in nearby Garland). There are several of these animal-welfare non-profit organizations on the web. I wonder if they began their web life on


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