Wednesday, October 22

Elm=Ellum? So why doesn't Main=Mailun?

I accidentally drove through Deep Ellum (mostly bars on Elm Street, east of Central Expressway) tonight, after the Dallas Homeowners League meeting didn't happen where I thought it was gonna happen (they said one thing on their postcard, and another on their web site). It wasn't a completely wasted trip; it's the first time I've ever been to the Central Branch of the Dallas Public Library (a seriously large building). And (drum roll) I renewed my library card. Woo hoo!

Elm Street was mostly deserted tonight (Wednesday). Certainly no signs of the The Deep Ellum Film Festival.

Video Vault shows how cigarette companies commonly made product placements, even on cartoons! ("We don't market our products to children!") I suspect you won't be able to buy them on dooyoo? which is a British version of e-pinions, apparently. Then again, Google says that similar sites are ConsumerSearch; AskAnOwner; Quality Ratings; Want & Vote;; Ratings.Net and Rip-Off Britain (to name a few).

Jerry Jones and The Big Tuna (Bill Parcells) aren't the only Dallas sports owners/managers that make the news. Don't forget Mark Cuban: Dallas Mavericks: Small Companies, Big Returns

do we have to keep everything for 5 years? not so sure after trying to make heads or tails of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (aka SOX ?)

If the Gene Bob blog doesn't put you to sleep, perhaps you should read Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) or the National Sleep Awareness Week - 2004 Preview. Then, there is Alec's website: which has spectacular photos of his compost pile. My heart, be still!

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