Friday, October 31

NRA: chock full of rocket surgeons

I was reading the Dallas Managed News this morning when I spotted Ellen Goodman's editorial about the National Rifle Association's 19-page blacklist (see also the anti-site: BTW, it's only 18 pages - just goes to show their liberal agenda .. these tree-huggers can't even count straight! Pardon me while I oil my AK-47 squirrel rifle (maybe an XM8 would be a better choice?).

Yesterday, I was helping a friend locate the name of a city, when all she had was a ZIP code: to the rescue!

and then there's Eric (studying to be a professional Oracle-ite) who pointed me to the distinguished filmography of Roger Corman (pretty obvious the studies are getting to him .. in between SQL chapters, he's musing about screenplays such as "Uday of the Living Dead").