Friday, June 17

back at it ...

Okay .. the Deed Is Done. I provided "ambulance service" for Trish Bob during her 8:15am procedure at the Texas Back Institute.

When I have something to accomplish, I don't mind hospital waiting rooms, so this gave me a good chance to read the morning paper, then experiment with the new spin of the AvantGo software on my Palm Tungsten|T (yes, the original version .. the current model is the Tungsten T5). The new version allows quite a bit more customizing of the interface, including Device Themes such as Khaki; Blue Moon or Chrome (in addition to "Classic") .. but my favorite is the new setting for "Minimum Font Size" which means that I can finally see everything without using a magnifying glass. Honestly, who thought that 4 point type was a good default size for lengthy articles?

As far as waiting rooms go, the Back Institute's wasn't awful. The chairs were lightweight and provided good back support (I would hope so at a "Back Institute"!) .. and there were only a few annoying kids (and their Soccer Mom parents) to ignore. On the way home, I even played with the lumbar support settings in my car, which I've managed to ignore for the past few years.

Trish has a post-procedure tradition of feeding at McDonald's, so I was happy to oblige. We had an entertaining discussion about how their Healthy Menu really isn't all that healthy (what McRocket Surgeon thought candied walnuts was a good, healthy idea?) and the possible amusement of Morgan Spurlock's new "30 Days" reality TV series (which, oddly, has absolutely nothing to do with the 30 Days he spent feeding on McDonalds "food" (the basis of his "Super Size Me" documentary).

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