Wednesday, June 15

War is Peace

originally posted as "Futility 102: Petitioning The Bush Regime"

Oh, yeah, right .. like President Quagmire gives an armadillo's armpit about laws and morality. I'll bet the The Downing Street Memo Petition has Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and the rest of the Radical Right quaking in their (jack)boots. As if!

Those of us In The Know are fully aware of the real reason for the Iraq War: because Saddam Hussein tried to kill President Quagmire's Daddy in April 1993. Any other "reason" is a joke. Am I saying President Quagmire used 9/11 as an excuse? You bet. So far, we've lost what - about 1708 soldiers - in this war (not counting the 23,000 Iraqi Civilian Body Count, give or take a few thousand).

If you're into petitions, here's another one: Save NPR and PBS. This is at risk because the CFRP wants to stop all funding unless it's in lockstep with their distorted view of what America's all about. They're doing this to punish Bill Moyers, and anyone else who dares to disagree with their plan of turning America into a Fundamentalist Theocracy. Free speech? Bah!

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