Tuesday, June 7

stocking up on coat hangers

It didn't surprise me to see that the Texas Governor (Rick "Pretty Hair" Perry) was busy being himself (a narrow minded bigot) in Fort Worth last weekend: Governor Signs Abortion Bill At Fort Worth Church. He's trying to do what Karl Rove told President Quagmire what to do earlier .. align himself with the CFRP.

The "Abortion Bill" they're talking about is more properly called the Parental Notification Bill, which says that minors must get their parents' permission before having an abortion. While that may sound Fine And Good to The Stoopid Parents (not all Parents are Stoopid), reality says that a teenager who finds herself pregnant will do one of these things, now that this is Law:
  1. while eating her macaroni and cheese dinner, casually ask mommy and daddy if it's okay to get an abortion (they may be unaware that Little Billy across the street -- or even Weird Uncle Dave is the father);
  2. take the bus to Oklahoma (or Louisiana, or New Mexico) where they don't need daddy/mommy's permission;
  3. find one of those old-fashioned wire coat hangers (plastic ones just won't do) and give herself an abortion
I guess it's time to stock up on wire coat hangers; I'll be able to sell them for big bucks now that "Pretty Hair" has signed the Parental Notification Bill into law.

Perhaps I could package it into a pretty retail box (pink? tangerine?) and call it "Rick Perry's Parental Notification Avoidance Kit". Setting any ethics aside (if Karl Rove can do it, so can I), my main concern is determining the appropriate pricing. I'll have to determine the cost of a Greyhound ticket to Oklahoma City, for starters ...

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