Sunday, June 5

Critters, Art Deco style

Yesterday, JB and I moseyed over to see PetFlix 2005 at the Lakewood Theater (Abrams Road, not too far from the Swiss Avenue Historic District). The Lakewood is a "1938 Art Deco Movie Palace in East Dallas" which was trés cool; I'd never been there before, although I've probably driven within a hundred yards of the place. There aren't a lot of Art Deco examples in Dallas; the most prominent (by far) are the Centennial Buildings at Fair Park.

PetFlix 2005 included 7 films .. some too short, some too long. My favorite was the sad story of a Doberman Pinscher named Rosey who'd been left with the owner's parents while the daughter was away on business. Based on Beta (the wonder dog)'s behavior (sleeping at my feet), I'm guessing that she enjoys my company as much as I'm amused by hers.

As part of attending PetFlix, I scored a doggie bag which included a tennis ball; cow hoof (chewing) and a carton of liver treats (along with some reading material). The goodies were exclusively for dogs, so cats and other critters ain't considered pets, I reckon.

Related: last night, ABC News (trying to be more like the irresponsible Fox "News" Channel) did a hatchet job on the SPCA of Texas. The reporter (John Stossel) apparently never studied journalism, nor bothered to contact the SPCA for their side, so it's with interest that I read the SPCA's side of the story. Years ago, I cancelled my membership in the (New York City based) ASPCA because I just don't see them as an efficient operation, worthy of my huge charitable donation.

Unrelated: How shall I celebrate tomorrow -- the 61st anniversary of D-Day, if at all? I think I'll get a haircut. There must be something more I can do. Hmmm.

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