Saturday, June 4

how do YOU spell "Tayshas," Bubba?

Okay, I done did it; I pledged to save myself for Kinky. It'll be a struggle not to vote in a primary in 2006, but I'll do what needs to be done to keep Rick "Pretty Hair" Perry from becoming the King of Texas. And (as Kinky's motto says:) Why the Hell Not?

While I'm waiting for April 2006 so's I can sign that Kinky Petition, I'll see about doin' some summer readin'. I found Tayshas List on the Young Adult Round Table of the Texas Library Association, but it wasn't as easy to find out what defines a Tayshas List. I finally found it cached on Google:
'TAYSHAS' takes its name from the Caddo Indian word meaning "friends or allies." Written texas, texios, tejas, teyas or tayshas, the word was applied to the Caddos by the Spanish in eastern Texas, who regarded them as friends and allies against the Apaches. (Newcomb, W.W., Jr. The Indians from Texas: Prehistoric to Modern Times. University of Texas Press, 1961)
Unrelated #0:Americans filed a record number of bankruptcy petitions in April 2005, as the clock began to tick on new laws to take effect on October 17th.

Unrelated #1: Computex Taipei ends today; it's now the world's second-largest computer fair behind CeBIT (is anyone old enough to remember something called "Comdex"?)

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