Friday, June 24

lowest expectations

It's Friday!! Another week, another dollar. Oh wait, that's back in The Old Days, when I had a job. Never mind.

Mike-Bob and I did a rendezvous at the Plano Waffle House this morning; I FineDined on country ham, "diced" hash browns (with tomatoes) and scrambled eggs, coated so thick with black pepper that they were unrecognizable. In other words, they were Perfect.

Somehow, the ambiance of this Waffle House wasn't up to par with Café Neuhaus (NW corner of Preston/Royal) last night. It wasn't bad, as far as bistros go. I sampled the Greek Chicken Sandwich, which was a broiled chicken with feta cheese tossed atop a couple slices of FunkyBread. I arrived there after an invitation that morning, following yet another chance for ZOAC [Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee] to prove they're not a complete waste of space.

ZOAC is the citizen committee (led by a Realtor, no less! - talk about a conflict of interest!) who's determined to allow the wholesale teardown of our neighborhoods, where older houses are replaced by behemoths reminiscent of those vapid, character-free cities like Plano. The meeting left me disgusted with how a handful of people (appointed and no longer answerable to anyone) can ruin so many lives by their cluelessness. Being a Citizen Committee, it's also an indictment of the Texas education system*. The arguments promulgated by some of the ZOAC members could've been better articulated by a 4th grade debate team. No, make that 3rd grade.
* currently in Yet Another Crisis due to Governor Rick "Pretty Hair" Perry pulling the funding for education - hence Yet Another Special Session of the Texas Legislature
When I set my expectations low enough, this becomes expected behavior. My elected representatives are ones for whom I didn't vote, and they've proven their ability to meet my expectations - zero.

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