Saturday, June 18

... in the eye of the Bee Holder

We didn't arrive at the DMoA until 10pm -- the (free!) Isaac Hayes concert was letting out and the parking lots were thinning. Before, we dined at Cuba Libre - on Henderson, a few blocks east of 75-Central). I was in a paella (literally: "frying pan") mood a few nights before, and was pleasantly amused to find it on Cuba Libre's menu (it was mostly yummy, although the breadsticks were tossable).

On the 3rd Friday night every month (from March to November 2005) the Dallas Museum of Art [DMoA] and Starbucks are sponsoring Late Night Fridays.

I was mildly surprised to find sizable crowds for this event (attending was JB's idea). This event is 6pm to midnight, and many things were on tap: family events at 7:30 - pajamas and pillows recommended; a concert at 8pm; poetry readings; films ([Shaft (1971)] started at 10pm); free Starbucks coffee; live blues and jazz; and even an Insomniac Tour of the DMoA (starting at 11pm). The featured exhibtion was photographer Gordon Parks, Half Past Autumn which was interesting; I thought his best work was in the 1940-1959 span, and didn't care much for his later work.

The only thing missing was a Ghosts of the DMoA Tour - if such a thing exists. PJ and I went on one of those at the Queen Mary in Long Beach (many years ago) which was good for a laugh. Some of the DMoA's art exhibits (especially the stuffy European and Early American collections) are begging for a Ghosts ... tour, as if only The Dead could make those areas interesting. As you've undoubtedly heard: art is in the eye of the beholder.

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TrshTwns01 said...

There is a great restaraunt up here we go to called Tres Meridas (three countries?). They have a great paella, which we get and bring home. They have Cuban sandwiches that are great, and various specialties from other Latin countries. You ought to try it sometimes.

Preston, just north of 121