Wednesday, June 8

Dallas even has Environmental Goals?

Yesterday morning, I went to Dallas Ecopark for a session on Dallas Environmental Goals. This was to be a 4-hour session, starting with 3 speakers, after which we'd break into smaller groups and give Dallas ideas about how to deal with various environmental concerns: air, water, trash, energy, etc.

Dr Angel Ilarraza (of Dallas fame) spoke first. He said their website contains no original research, and is intended to provide data only (i.e. no interpretation, so as to be unbiased). They're somehow affiliated with

Jill Jordan (Dallas Assistant City Manager) was next; she says 500 city services have been identified, and metrics have been established to show their efficiency; effectiveness; and community indicators.

Interesting stuff (to me, anyhoo):
Texas Low Emission Diesel (I'm still unsure if TxLED is biodiesel or what)

"gray water" = recycled water for use on golf courses, etc. (where fresh water's not mandatory)

"green buildings" - energy efficient; estimated 7 year payback (source: Johnson Controls)

LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

City of Dallas target: LEED Silver (2nd step; other levels are Basic/Gold/Platinum)

EPA's Brownfields Program: possibly hazardous land

Dallas EarthFest
Next, David Jodray of the NCTCOG [North Central Texas Council of Governments] spoke. He showed charts listing the NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standards] numbers. Dallas is in O3 (ozone) noncompliance (projected to be compliant in 2009 or 2010). Ozone is a product of VOC [Volatile Organic Compounds] and NOx [Nitrous Oxide]. "Ozone season" is from 1 May to 31 October. An animated map of ozone levels throughout the day may be found on the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) website.

I then went on a brief EcoPark building tour, given by the same "tour guide" for the McCommas Bluff Landfill.

styrofoam/particle board insulation "slabs" - very high "R rating"

Noteworthy about Eco-Park:
  • designed to be energy efficient;
  • the first building was occupied in 2003;
  • east+west windows are smaller than north+south so that less heat enters in summer, for less air conditioning;
  • building aligns to SSW (not east/west per street layout) to allow airflow vs air conditioning

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