Thursday, June 16

Ignorance is Strength

originally posted as "Lost Causes - now The Majority?"

I was flipping channels (something I rarely do, after becoming a TiVo-ite) and wandered across C-SPAN where Elizabeth Dole was speaking babbling. Yes, babbling. I used to respect her, but this time she was delivering a "rally the party" speech .. droning on and on about how the Democrats had nothing of substance to offer America, and how they just recite the same stuff over and over and over, ad nauseum. Did she offer anything constructive? No. It was all just blah-blah-blah we're-the-majority we're-in-control we-don't-have-to-care rhetoric.

Memos to Elizabeth:
  1. Look in the mirror. The only thing Your Party has done in the past N years is drone on and on about how the Other Party is taking us all to Hell In A Handbasket;
  2. You've been listening to, and apparently believing, Rush Limbaugh again. Your aseptic partisanship is showing;
  3. The two party system is a joke. When Gene Bob becomes King (trust me, it Will Happen) the first thing he'll do is Ban Political Parties. Voters will have to start Thinking again, instead of waddling into the voting booth and mindlessly pulling the lever marked "STRAIGHT PARTY LINE".
Honestly, this is so sad. I used to respect Elizabeth Dole, but after hearing her babble for a few minutes, I've written her off as Just Another Lost Cause.

Lost Causes have become such the norm, that I'm starting to wonder what it will take to make this country Wake Up and become sane again. I have to wonder how we ever devolved into this tailspin; perhaps one clue (among many) can be found on The Phantom Professor's blog - Double Trouble parts 1, 2 and 3, illustrating how universities are faced with morally (and intellectually) bankrupt parents determined to buy a college degree for their irresponsible children. It's a sad state of affairs, but really doesn't surprise me. Perhaps the Texas Legislature will pass a law, mandating spines for college deans. Then again, if that were the case, the Radical Right (including those morally bankrupt parents mentioned earlier) would start decapitating the universities, claiming liberal bias. It's enough to make me want to move to Sweden.
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