Monday, June 13

boom goes the dynamite

Sunday, JB and I moseyed over to Kirin Court in Richardson for some dim sum. This is the place that was formerly called Hong Kong Royale; it sits on the 2nd story, near 75-Central (about one block south of Beltline). We munched (?) on octopus; scallops; shrimp and clams; in addition to the usual pot sticker fare. There was also a semi-dessert which was some barbecued meat surrounded by a fluffy bread dough. Needless to say (?) the clientele was almost all Asian and the signs identifying the foods were written in Chinese. The prices were quite reasonable, even if the parking could stand improvement:
which means (in theory):

Please do not park in the parking lots of our neighbors. They will enforce towing on their properties. Thank you for your co-operation. -Management
We spent the remainder of the day watching movies: Paris, Texas (1984) (clearly one of the most bubbly films of all time) and then Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) (a highbrow documentary, also of epic proportions). What can I say, but .. boom goes the dynamite!

Speaking of dynamite, the nearest White Castle (aka The WC Lounge) appears to be in St Louis, a mere 637 miles away (the Nashville location is 23 miles further). Anyone up for a road trip?


William Bob said...

I know this is sacrilege, but I've always considered White Castle and Krystal to be clones. At least as far as their small square burgers are concerned.

And the good news is that there is a Krystal in Carrollton (SE corner of Midway and Trinity Mills according to Google maps).

And if that's just not good enough, I'm pretty sure that I've seen White Castle burgers in the frozen food section of the local TomThumbKrogerAlbertson.

Gene said...

Indeed, this is sacrilege, William-Bob. I've eaten both White Castle and Krystal, and other than the size of the burger, there's little comparison.

Krystal has always been a dry, tasteless cousin of the White Castle ("slider") .. and while the frozen sliders I've seen in the local groceries (and Sam's Club) are better than nothing, it's still not like the original.

I went to the Carrollton Krystal location, partly to see if'n I could find it, and partly to see what a real Krystal's menu is like nowadays (they've expanded). I tried one of their burgers last year while on a road trip to Mifipi, but it was at one of those "combo stores" along the interstate highway, which merges a 7-11 (clone) with something else .. in this case, a Krystal burger drive-thru.