Tuesday, December 28

Dia de los Inocentes

In Mexico, they don't celebrate April Fool's Day. Instead, "Day of the Innocents" (with a connotation of naive or foolish) is held December 28th.

I cannot imagine the perplexed look of the Mexican niños/niñas, when their parents explain that "Dia de los Inocentes" is all about tricking your family and friends, then (a few years later) saying that it really is all about the story of King Herod's mandated killing of young boys in/around Bethlehem in the year 1. This must be similar to the "Santa Claus/Jesus transition" in American homes.

Deep Thought #54: Is there a Mexican Santa Claus?

The story of a family being tipped off, then fleeing to Egypt morfed into an April Fool's-style event baffles me, but so does much of church-state interaction south of the border.

I suppose it's very serious to some people, but I laugh every time I see a story about a "miraculous" painting which weeps, or a pastry which has the image of The Virgin Mary (which eventually sells on eBay for large sums). For a few picoseconds, I once considered saying "Hey, that's not the Virgin Mary - that's my first grade teacher!!" but I suspect the humor would be lost on Those Who Believe.

Then again, this country elected President Quagmire to a second term, so it doesn't speak much gooder on this side of the border.

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TrshTwns01 said...

Maybe your first grade teacher was the reincarnation of Mother Mary? :)