Wednesday, December 29

yin and yang in the public sector

Today's DMN including an editorial titled "Are Texans Just Mean?", which babbles about people who are falling through the cracks in the state's public assistance program.

Everybody Knows™ that all government agencies complain of insufficient funds to do their work. In the public sector, money is always an issue. With more money, these agencies will/can always find more people to help (the low water line for qualification ebbs and flows). Assuming (never assume!) the agency isn't operating irresponsibly with the funds, they're either dependent on Somebody In Austin or their own fundraisers (frequently outsourced).
An unrelated article cites a report by Charity Navigator (which competes with the American Institute of Philanthrophy's Charity Watch) that Dallas is the least charitable among the USA's largest communities.
There's no Texas state income tax; politicians who suggest this as a funding source are often found dismembered at the bottom of a lake. Most of this fund gap is bridged by our larger-than-average real estate taxes.

Pete Sessions (Texas state senator) runs on his record of always voting for tax cuts (more precisely, never voting for a tax increase). While I'm all for lower taxes (just like The Next Guy), I recognize that comes at the price of fewer services. That logic (?) is lost on mental lightweights like Sessions (who will surely be re-elected in 2008) and the Editorial Board of The Managed News.

Like the bulk of politicians, $e$$ion$ is undoutededly spending the bulk of his time raising money for the next Republican primary (the winner of which automatically wins the general election), and ignoring We The People in the interim.

Everybody Knows is a trademark of Fox "News"; Rush Limbaugh Productions; and the Christian Fascist Republican Party.

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