Thursday, December 30

Texas farworks

Yesterday's Dallas Managed News contained an advertisement which just plowed my turnips. On page 15A, there is an Alamo Fireworks' ad, complete with a map and schedule ("Open Until Midnight!") of their stands (a common sight as you cross from one county to another).

It's not unusual for fireworks to be banned in populated metropolitan areas. There are too many people who'd use them irresponsibly (think of bottle rockets landing on your roof, and you'll get the idea).

Fireworks are a common sight (and sound) at midnight on the last day of the year. The merchants will sell to anyone with cash (as long as you're over 12 years old and not intoxicated - the Texas law concerning fireworks makes for entertaining reading). They're not required to ask for proof that you live where fireworks are legal. I suppose a subset of the Dallas population buys them and uses them outside Dallas county. I also believe in the Easter Bunny.

Context Switch

Speaking of New Year's Eve, I'm still amazed that some people think firing guns into the air in a populated area is a good idea. Until someone in Dallas is killed by the bullet that fell into someone's skull, well ...
Memo to the gun-shooting morons: (barring Earth-escaping rockets) what goes up, must come down.
When I lived in the Los Angeles basin, there were ad campaigns about this problem, but I haven't seen anything widespread here. Maybe they just don't want to remind people about the "tradition", but more likely, it's because some politician ran on a "cut taxes!" platform, so there's no money to spread the word. Duh!

Please, put down the mistletoe and slowly back away. The Sundry on Thursday blog is hereby updated (and it's a biggie).

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