Tuesday, December 28

lessons from a pet

My pets are ecstatic! This year (for Boxing Day) I gave them all a Drinkwell watering dish; Samantha got a new litter box; and Beta (the Wonder Dog) got a new food bowl (and it's non-skid!!).

Pets are easier to buy for than humans. Humans tend to value things like gift certificates (store-specific being less desired than generic cash), while pets are happiest with a warm place to sleep, and an endless supply of fresh water.

Even Rambo (the visitor) seems happy; he came by a few minutes ago to demonstrate his licker license. One of the benefits of having him here was accidental: I placed Beta's dish on the fireplace, to avoid tempting Rambo (dogs tend to be territorial about stuff like food) and .. Beta liked that location! This makes for much less neck strain, which is good.

Last year, I bought Beta a raised feeder, but she wouldn't use it (maybe it was the shiny bowls that are an integral part of that contraption?). I suspect those bowls were too confusing, since she kept seeing "another dog" (her reflection) eating her food! At least she never said "does this collar make me look fat?"

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