Saturday, June 26

Beta rescued!

Someone knocked on my door at 10am and said "we have your dog!" Huh? Since Beta (the wonder dog) was in the backyard -- just a few minutes ago -- it couldn't be mine .. but, there she sat, in their back seat. The nice lady (sadly, I didn't catch her name) said that Beta had nearly been hit by several cars (ouch!), and was thirsty.

It's a good thing I have her name, address and phone number on her collar, along with a microchip (in case the collar is lost).

Since there's a large fence around my backyard, I quickly went outside to see how she got out. Turns out someone had opened the gate on the south side of the house and left it wide open. There haven't been any contractors here recently, and it was closed when I mowed the grass yesterday, so .. someone opened it between noon yesterday and now. Hmm .. will have to keep an eye on it. There's nothing obviously missing from my backyard, so .. not sure what to think.

After I got Beta inside (without a leash), I turned around to offer a reward to The Nice Lady, but she'd already driven away. So, if you're reading my blog, Nice Lady --- thank you thank you thank you!

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