Thursday, June 3

and now, for something completely different

I was reading Pravda and Tass today, and found some entertaining articles, including Fidel Castro: Bush couldn't debate a Cuban ninth-grader. It's so nice to see opposing viewpoints. Also, I'd like to meet that 9th grader.

I mentioned it a few days ago, and now I'll mention it again: Ramsey Clark's Neighborhood Bully Interview (published a month before 9/11) is must-reading by anyone who has a functional brain. Yes, it's a longer-than-45-seconds read, and I don't agree with everything he says. Another entertaining read: Historians vs. George W. Bush.

Interesting comparison with today's headlines: No More Mister Nice Blog pointed me to Mark R. Levin's article A Familiar Place. Related item: Americans Are Losing the Victory in Europe (January 1946). Need a T-shirt guaranteed to get you killed? : Dump Bush 2004. I don't wear political T-shirts: fears of retaliation, like the art shop owner in San Francisco.

Deep thought #35: I wonder what Pat Robertson thinks of Jerry (spoof)

in case it's not obvious, the remainder of today's blog is random stuff that I found entertaining. do not be upset with the lack of coordinated thought. if uncoordinated thought upsets you, please Stop Reading Now.
GoogL'ost #43: Laid-Off: Late Bloomers

[Super Size Me] moved into the #9 spot in the movies, even though it's still playing at the independents. I enjoy reading Morgan Spurlock's blog as he travels around the world, promoting his movie, followed by the McSpindoctors.

Queer Eye Shopping Guide mentioned an art house here in Dallas: Coupralux Fine Art Giclee Gallery

What I consider (still) the killer application for the Palm: AvantGo

Was reading Geoff's blog and noticed the mention of the Legendary Pink Dots. Turns out they'll be in Dallas in a few weeks at the Gypsy Tea Room (in Deep Ellum). Calendar entry made, now just have to find some unsuspecting soul to escort me. I gleefully pointed Geoff to Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Big and Bad: "The benefits of being nimble--of being in an automobile that's capable of staying out of trouble--are in many cases greater than the benefits of being big."

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