Friday, June 11

the waiting continues ...

Last Thursday, I wrote about porting my cell number to another carrier. I continue to carry 2 cellphones, not knowing when The Change will happen. In wireline, this is called LNP - Local Number Portability. I'm guessing there's a different acronym when it concerns wireless.

The process of porting appears to be very labor intensive, which fascinates me. When a porting request is submitted, all the information must match exactly. If anything's amiss, a "supplemental request" must be submitted, and only one of those is allowed per 24 hours. So much for meeting the FCC's 2.5 hour window.

The last few days have been like playing The Cellphone Shell Game. I got my cellphone in June 1998; it was originally in my name. At some point I added Sun's name to the bill (to get the "5-digit office dialing" feature), which turned it into a corporate account. When porting from one carrier to another, you cannot switch from a corporate account to a personal account (and vice-versa). So, I had to ask AT&T to switch, before they will authorize the port.

Nokia 6360 and Kyocera K7 Posted by Hello

Chris (at Sun) advised me to call AT&T's "release of financial liability department". After being on hold for 15 minutes, I authorized changing from a corporate to a personal account. Now, AT&T will release the number to Virgin Mobile! Woo hoo.

Aside: a few days ago, I got my first-ever call from AT&T, who undoubtedly "got the memo" that i'm porting the number, and thus discontinuing their service. That call was automated, and offered some special deals if I'll stay. Indeed.

Unrelated: rather than pollute this blog (ha!) with my occasional seemingly-random collection of hyperlinks, i brought a new blog online which I will update every Thursday. It's named Sundry on Thursday; get it?

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