Tuesday, June 1

politics, nukes, military spending (i.e. nothing controversial)

While reading RSS feeds, I listened to AirAmerica (again), paying careful attention to the advertising. Lesson learned: AirAmerica's target market is health conscious; buys insurance; attends national parks and museums; recycles; dates; trains guide dogs; and shows other signs of being obvious social outcasts. Prediction: that audience will be too busy tie-dying their Earth® shoes to vote.

Politics: From Bush, Unprecedented Negativity (and we still have 5 months until the election). Makes me wonder if the Republicans will nominate J. Danforth Quayle as W's intellectual advisor? Randi Rhodes reminded me of the web site showing which of my (and your) neighbors are donating to the campaigns: fundrace.org

Nuclear weapons: Dimona, Israel has the "capacity to produce plutonium for five to ten nuclear warheads a year"; NucNews includes an item about depleted uranium (used in artillery as tank-killers in the Bush's Oil Wars).

Military spending: Cost of War (dynamically updated); Ramsey Clark's Neighborhood Bully Interview (August 2001)
Note the "our military spending is absolutely, certifiably insane" line
Miscellany: The Straight Dope: Where does the term "86" come from?; CD Baby ("a little CD store with the best new independent music")

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